This Independence Day, help us fight for the freedom of enslaved children.
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This Independence Day, join Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) in the
fight for freedom. O.U.R. is a non-profit organization working to eradicate child sex trafficking around the world. Comprised of ex-CIA agents and Navy SEALS, O.U.R. partners with local law enforcement to rescue enslaved children and dismantal criminal networks.

To learn how you can help, please click here. Continue reading below to see the 4 ways you can promote
Freedom 4 All.
1. Create a wave of attention.

Help us flood social media with the blue message of FREEDOM FOR ALL on July 4th. Simply click the button bellow and Thunderclap will coordinate a single message to be posted simultaneously across the social networks of hundreds of supporters.

The result is an amplified message that can't be ignored.
2. Wear the message of freedom.

Raise awareness everywhere you go. If someone asks you about your shirt, invite them to join the fight!

All proceeds go towards rescuing children from slavery. 

Only $12 for adults. $6 for children. 

3. Register for the live broadcast with Tim Ballard. 

Tim will be going live for a special YouTube broadcast on July 3rd at noon PST to talk about freedom and O.U.R.'s mission to liberate children.

Register for the event to be sure that you don't miss this important message from the founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad. 

4. Share the facts.

We have created a library of shareable content for you to download and share with your favorite social networks. The more you share, the more you can educate your network about the very real problem of modern-day slavery. 

Once people know about it, they can join us to end it!

Visit for more.
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