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Did you know that upgrading your insulation could drop your energy costs dramatically?
FREE Attic Inspection through June 30th at Mile Hi Insulation!
                    1. Call us to get your Free Attic Inspection while
                    we are in this neighborhood.
                    2. If you have adequate insulation, we will let you know and the
                    cost to you is nothing.
                    3. If you are losing large amounts of energy through your attic due to
                    inadequate, substandard or aged, condensed insulation, our technician will
                    explain your situation and give you a Free No Obligation estimate.
                    4. If you do need insulation, now is a great time to take advantage of our
                    great prices as well as any
                    manufacturers and energy rebates that may be available.
                    Many of your neighbors have received huge discounts for upgrading their
                    attic insulation. What most people don't know is that THERE IS A TIME LIMIT
                    and soon you will not be eligible for the savings. Blown-in attic insulation is
                    very inexpensive and pays for itself with lower utility bills.
                    Although you may have some insulation in your attic now, most of your
                    neighbors are shocked to find out that they have only 4-6 inches currently
                    and we install 16.25+ inches of the best Owens Corning Insulation, bringing
                    your 'r' value to the maximum r-49 and dropping your
                    energy costs dramatically.
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