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Thank you Lancaster
We’d like to show our appreciation by offering these specials:
check mark 18-Month CD with a 1.05% APY1
check mark 48-Month CD with a 1.65% APY1
check mark $100 Reward for opening an Interest Checking Account2
check mark $200 Reward for opening a Relationship Premier Checking Account2
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1 Interest Checking Account or Relationship Premier Checking Account required to qualify for CD specials.  Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and available term are accurate as of 6/29/2015 and are not guaranteed until the account has been opened.  Minimum opening deposit of $2,000 is required.  Maximum CD amount is $100,000.  Penalty is imposed for early withdrawal.  This may result in a forfeiture of 50% of the interest that would otherwise have been earned on any amounts withdrawn prior to account maturity, which may reduce earnings.  Exceptions may apply, but in no case will the penalty be less than that required under Regulation D.  Partial withdrawals that reduce the account balance below the required minimum balance to open the account may result in the account being closed. This product offers simple interest, which is paid or credited at least annually.  Withdrawal of interest prior to maturity may reduce total earnings.  This offer is for consumer and business accounts only and is not available for public funds or other government or municipal accounts.  Orrstown Bank reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without prior notice.

2 New account reward is available only to new Orrstown Bank customers. To be eligible, the new customer must open an Interest Checking Account with direct deposit or Relationship Premier Account with direct deposit and complete at least one direct deposit transaction. Reward will be deposited into the new customer’s Orrstown Bank Interest Checking or Relationship Premier account within 60 days of the satisfaction of all eligibility criteria. This offer is effective only for new accounts opened and for which all eligibility criteria has been satisfied between 7/1/2015 – 11/30/2015. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer or modify the terms of this offer at any time. This information may be reported to federal and state revenue authorities, so please consult your personal tax advisor regarding any questions.
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