ReAppreciation Partners

Access the equity in your home. Without taking out a loan.

ReAppreciation Partners is proud to offer the EquityKey Real Estate Participation Agreement which enables you to receive cash in exchange for a share of your property’s future appreciation. The money you receive is not a loan, there are no monthly payments and you still own your home. For many of our clients, that money translates into new financial freedom and control - pay off debt, reduce your mortgage, diversify your investments, increase retirement savings or fund a child’s education. Use the money you receive any way you choose. 

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Contact us today to find out how to unlock the future value of your home.

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Terms and conditions apply. Subject to underwriting and property approval. *Payments are based on a range of 7% and 17% of the property’s value and are subject to underwriting approval. Properties must satisfy location, type and LTV requirements.For disclosures and additional information concerning the product, please refer to
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