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Why wait at the E.R.? Come in. We are open!
Need an X-Ray? Save time and money at AFC/Doctors Express! No Appointment Needed.
With extended hours on evenings and weekends, treatment for your injury  just got much easier!
We diagnose and treat sports-injuries, including sprains & strains, fractured bones, cuts and bumps and bruises. We have a full compliment of bandages, splints, casts, and braces to ensure complete care of your injury. And, we have x-ray equipment on-site. When you leave, you can take a digital copy of your x-rays with you.
Immediate Medical Care
AFC/Doctors Express provides urgent treatment for injuries and illnesses – offering a convenient, lower-cost alternative to visiting a hospital emergency room.

Vaccination & Physicals
We offer a wide range of vaccinations and physicals for employment, school, camp, sports and more. And, we can assist with travel medicine.
Occupational Medicine
We provide Occupational Health services for employees and employers.

Lab Work On-site
Our on site laboratory meets CLIA standards. We provide testing for the vast majority of tests required by patients.

Digital X-Ray Services On-site
3000 Summer Street, Stamford, CT 06905
203-969-2000 | DoctorsExpressStamford.com
Walk-in Mon-Fri: 8-8, Sat-Sun: 8-5
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