UVU School Of Avation Sciences
4 Reasons now is the time to enroll into UVU School OF Avation Sciences.
1 The urgent demand for competent aviation personnel is a global issue that is here now and is very real. – Sherry Carbary, VP of Boeing Flight Services
2 The major U.S. airlines are just beginning the longest and largest pilot hiring binge in history. – Louis Smith, FAPA.aero President
3 40% of airline pilots will be retiring in the next 15 years. – Federal Aviation Administration
4 GAO: “The next 10 years will create 1,900-4,500 empty cockpit seats desperately needing to be filled with qualified pilots.”
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Online Programs Available
UVU online tuition is $15,000 less (on average) than other universities, but online curriculum quality exceeds that of competitors.
Professional advisement and course support dedicated to the unique needs of online students.
UVU Aviation currently has over 1,000 students across the nation in its online program.
As a regionally accredited institution, transfer credits are accepted and federal financial aid is available to those who qualify. Previous flight experience may also be considered for credit.
Bachelor of Science degree with Professional Pilot and Aviation Administration emphases.
Why Choose UVU's School or Avation Sciences
UVU has one of the top flight training programs in the country.
With a proven track record (25 years) and excellent career placement rates, students choose UVU for its excellent safety record, rigorous flight training, and flexible online degree options. Come fly at UVU’s amazing facilities in Provo, UT or pick a flight school in your local area.
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