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  There are dozens of pitfalls threatening the path to college success. Just one misstep can cause a rejection letter from that dream school, six years to complete a degree (that should take only four), or tens of thousands of dollars in extra costs.
Between the essays, required tests, applications and increasing costs, applying to college can be overwhelming, even for the most organized parents.
Professional college planning help can make all the difference.
Last year, 26% of all 4-year college-bound students worked with an Independent Educational Consultant.
This is a growing trend.
Because a little professional help can truly go a long way.
Parents and students are using every advantage to better their odds in the college admissions game.
Nationally, the average public high school student-to-guidance counselor ratio is 434-to-1, leaving most students without individualized attention or support. As a result, the vast majority of students following the DIY path enter college without a major, without a career goal and without a long-term plan. The result is high transfer rates (30%), drop outs (1-in-4) and taking more than 6 (SIX!) years to graduate (56%).
Students working with a professional college planner have a clearly defined major and a career plan BEFORE ever applying to schools, rarely transfer, almost always graduate earlier than their counterparts and upon leaving college have better entry-level jobs with higher income.
Again and again, families that work with private college planners save
money, time and heartache.
  Schedule your free Meet & Greet Session today to discover the scope of services we provide and to determine if professional help might be what you need.
  Unlike college, our Meet & Greet Sessions are no-cost and exceedingly stress-free. This one hour session is NOT a sales pitch. It’s more like a test drive, with 60 minutes of coaching, where your family experiences firsthand the service we provide to see if this might be the right path for you. Register for your Meet & Greet here.
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