The choice of college is among the most important investment decisions individuals and families make, yet people know little about how institutions of higher learning compare along important dimensions of quality.  As you consider enrolling with us to either start a new career, climb the corporate ladder or aspiring to transfer to a university, I want you to be assured you are not enrolling in just a community college, but, PUEBLO COMMUNITY COLLEGE!
The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With the First Step -- Laozi

Your educational journey is one not to be taken lightly, and the faculty and staff at PCC look forward to helping you accomplish your educational goals.  We know that if you find value in your educational experience, you will persist and graduate, making you a valuable member of a contributing society.  We take our responsibility in your success seriously and are driven by the PCC Promise — to always recognize and greet you with a smile, to listen to you, to respond to your needs, to respect and value you, and to celebrate your accomplishments and successes! 
A recent report issued by the highly regarded Brookings Institute ranked Pueblo Community College fourth in the nation in giving students earning power. "With tuition continuing to rise ever-higher," says Brookings lead author Jonathan Rothwell, "public policymakers and students are interested in answering the question: What is the college going to do for me? What contribution is the college going to make to my future career?"

Pueblo Community College offers a broad array of certificate and associate degree programs. These programs range from business management to health professions to engineering to early childhood education to fire science and criminal justice — depending on the availability of program offerings of the campus nearest you. Whether you are interested in taking a single course for personal enrichment or embarking on an associate degree program and transferring to a 4-year institution, we are confident you will leave our nationally recognized institution, highly skilled, highly educated and job-ready.
An education through Pueblo Community College is a victory for our students, local employers, and our community. You can expect more and get more. Visit our website and talk with one of our advisors to learn how we can help you succeed.
With warm regards,

Patty Erjavec, Ph.D.
Pueblo Community College

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