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Dear [~firstname~] [~lastname~],

I am sending you this email regarding your [~year~] [~make~] [~model~] because I am the LEAD VEHICLE BUYER at Toyota of Murfreesboro. I have been instructed to seek out vehicles just like yours and make you AN OFFER TO PURCHASE YOUR VEHICLE.

Management has determined that it would be better for the dealership to BUY VEHICLES OUTRIGHT from current owners, rather than to attempt to buy vehicles at Auctions. This way, we are able to PAY CURRENT OWNERS MORE THAN THEY WOULD EVER GET IN A TYPICAL TRANSACTION. The dealership has allocated an unusual amount of CASH for outright Vehicle purchases for vehicles similar to yours.

If you have any interest at all in selling or trading in your vehicle, NOW would be the best time to consider this option. You do not have to trade in your vehicle or buy another vehicle from us to take advantage of this unusual offer. We simply need to replenish our used vehicle inventory with quality pre-owned vehicles like yours.

If you do choose to trade in your vehicle, there are exceptional Financing alternatives in place that will make your purchase or lease very easy and at a monthly payment which may even be less than your current monthly payment. Most people immediately reply to this email or go to our web site to get an instant quote on the value of their vehicle.

As an added bonus Toyota of Murfreesboro will be giving you an incentive to do your taxes! Just bring in your tax refund check and we will add an additional $500 towards the purchase of your new car! An additional $500 just for showing us your refund check*!


Charleen Coleman
General Sales Manager
Toyota of Murfreesboro
Phone: 615-866-2111

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Lifetime Warranty Unlimited Times & Miles


*must be a valid 2014 Tax Return Refund Check.

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