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APS is looking to raise solar fees again, but did you know that with every previous rate increase, APS has allowed existing solar customers to remain on their current rate plan and avoid the increase?! If you or anyone you know has been considering solar, now is the time to act!

Here are the details:
  • APS has requested that the Arizona Corporation Commission approve an increase to the grid access fees assessed to APS solar customers.
  • A decision is expected very soon. If approved, monthly solar rates stand to increase measurably!
  • This increase is expected to impact all NEW solar customers, but is not expected to apply to current solar customers, or those who have secured a solar application with APS prior to their new effective date. Now is the time to take advantage of solar!
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Sun Valley Solar Solutions Already a solar customer? Great... but please tell your friends and family that rates are going up, so if they're interested in making their own electricity from sunshine now is the time to act. If they purchase a system from Sun Valley Solar Solutions, we will send you a check for $300! Just submit the referral form, and we'll give your friend or family member a customized solar quote.


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More details can be found on the Arizona Corporation Commission website. Reference Docket Number E-01345A-13-0248

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